Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Non-Existent Freedom of Speech (for some)

Today I posted a comment in opposition to a Facebook post. The post to which I reacted presented a left leaning view which I find repugnant even when it comes from the pen of a Christian historian. It just goes to show how divergent social and political views are.

Frankly, even though I disagreed with the perspective of the author, I would uphold his right to express his views. I also insist on the right to express my disdain, disagreement, and dislike for the views he expressed.

One response came from a woman who once expressed a belief in God, but has since wandered away. In her response, she said I was unloving, cold-hearted, and ugly because I "didn't understand what the left is trying to accomplish" and was close minded. She blamed me and others who think like I do for "pushing [her]farther from [your] 'god.'" She said my thinking was responsible for her loathing [the Christian] religion. Furthermore, my rhetoric was hateful!

What did I say? Let me post it for you: "The key to understanding this document is to note the source. They key phrase is, 'Challenging the Right, Advancing Social Justice.' Social Justice is in reality no justice. Justice is getting what you deserve, i.e., what you work for and earn. Social Justice, as used by the left, is taking what isn't yours to benefit those who believe they are entitled regardless of personal effort. My Bible still says, "If you don't work, you don't eat."

Disagree with my statement if you wish, but it is my view. I did not mean to imply there was never a sense in which help should be given to the "working poor" or those desperately in need. In fact, quite the opposite. However, if the "working poor" are making the effort to succeed and thrive, then they deserve a hand up. But a hand up is not a hand out. I do all I can to help someone who was in need if he or she were making the effort to help themselves.

The "nitty of the gritty," however, is the fact the response to my post came from a person who does not know me. She does not know where I come from, what I think, how I view my relationship with God and others. She just knows my views do not match hers. Therefore, I have no right to challenge her thinking or express my views. She can call me names, vilify me, call me unloving and uncaring without any understanding of who I am or what I think it total. No, I'm just supposed to "shut up."

And that's the Social Progressive (liberal, radical, leftist) view these days. If you disagree with them just "shut up." If you refuse to be quiet, you will be labeled racist, homophobic, fascist, unloving, unchristian, or ______________(fill in the blank). Those labeling me as such really don't know and don't care how I really think; they just want me to "shut the hell up." Don't get in their way, don't counter their views, don't try to reason, just "shut up." They demand the freedom to say the most vile things, label me with the most insane labels, or, if all else fails, shout me down...but for heaven's sake, they want me to  just "shut up." The same goes for you when you express an opposing view to theirs.

Frankly, I was not all that nice in my response to her--dare I say it--hateful accusatory speech. I simply said, "That's your opinion. I could not care less if you agree with me." To which she responded, "Your god must be so proud."

Well, let me add just one observation. Young lady, her photo indicates some youthfulness, I do not answer to you! Furthermore, you do not answer to me. You will one day stand before the true God of the universe and answer for your statements, your actions, and your disbelief. I am not responsible for your acceptance or rejection of the truth. I am only responsible for my own. I'm sure there will be much for which I'll have to answer. But there is one major difference! My sins are hidden by the blood of Jesus who loves me even when I'm mistaken or drastically in error. I only answer to God, my Savior. Can you say the same?

Since I answer only to God, I intend to speak my piece, to express my views, to say what I think...and if you don't like it...well, "Tish Tish!"

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