Thursday, January 05, 2006

My First Week

The first week was mercifully and thankfully short here at Christ's Church of the Valley. Because of the New Year's holiday last Monday, my first day was Tuesday. Here are just a few thoughts that run through my head. I say "mercifully and thankfully" because most of the week was spent finding the rest room, learning the computer system, meeting coworkers, and trying to absorb some of CCV's DNA so I understand the culture here. It always take a bit of time to be productive when beginning a new ministry and that's the truth!

For all those reading this blog who fear I'll "go liberal," I think you ought to know that CCV's basic belief statement says church membership requires what the New Testament requires. Keep in mind that becoming a Christian and becoming a church member are synonymous. These requirements are faith, repentance, confession and baptism. The last statement says, "The New Testament teaches that all believers receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and the forgiveness of sins in relation to their faith, repentance, and baptism." Do you see a problem with that? I might say it a bit stronger, but there is nothing wrong with what is said!

I will be working with SAMs Class (Senior Adult Ministry), some of the volunteer ministries, and developing with others a quality "Training U." My dreams in this area are huge, and only God will make them realities. My initial proposal was an update from one I had for Canton, but there was little interest there for such an ambitious approach. It may not be acceptable here either, but it provides a starting place for discussion and planning. It includes doctrinal and historical components as well as biblical survey and specific studies.

Those I'm working with are all "top notch" people and I pray to God I don't lower the standards! This is a dynamic place and a commitment to excellence permeates every pore.