Monday, November 27, 2006

As of today I am no longer employed at Christ's Church of the Valley. I received my termination notice this afternoon (Monday, Nov. 27). I was deeply disappointed that it didn't work out. I felt for some time that I wasn't measuring up and I was experiencing substantial stress as a result. So I wasn't entirely surprised when the word came down. I have no regrets, no bitterness, and no anger over all this. I just wasn't gifted to perform at the level of the expectations at CCV.

I don't know what God has in store for my wife and I at this point, but we will trust God to open doors. To date He has never let us down. I can't say that at my age there isn't some fear, but we will wait upon the Lord.

Tonight I taught my last class at CCV. We went through two lessons on Joseph and his dreams. He had a dream, too, but his dream was denied, frought with doubt, destroyed, and then in God's own time revealed and accepted. It was providential that I had that figured for the last lesson in this sequence.

The next chapter has yet to be written.