Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Step that Needs Taking -- Now!

I don't intend to venture into the realm of politics often, but I feel a need to comment on the recent warnings from our Islamist enemies. A California traitor issued warnings that Al Qaida intends to hit seven American cities in the near future. A Newsmax headline identifies an individual who is responsible for detonating nuclear devices in several American cities. Strange as it may seem to some, the threat of nuclear detonations on American soil is not new to me.

When the 9/11 disaster occurred I was in the church building in Canton. As soon as it became obvious terrorists had taken down those two buildings I noted to my colleagues that I thought we were lucky. I was a tragedy that so many thousands died, but had it been a nuclear device the casualty list could have been in the tens of thousands. Tom Clancy's novel The Sum of All Fears portrays a terrorist attack during a Super Bowl played in Denver. The movie version moved the attack to Maryland but it heightened awareness of the damage and casualties a small yield nuclear device could bring.

The United States remains vulnerable to this kind of attack. Some theorize suitcase nuclear devices are already placed. Those responsible for protecting this nation may have plans to counter or retaliate in the event of such a national disaster. Perhaps it is best we not know what strategies are in place. At the same time, those who would use these devices against this country need to know what will happen should they attack.

It is not unique to me, but we need to announce to the Islamic world that nuclear ballistic missiles are targeted at as many as 10 major population centers in those nations that fund or sponsor terror. If a nuclear device detonates in an American city, the terrorists should know that the attack will result in a retaliatory strike against those cities. Included in those cities should be the city of Mecca with its holy shrine. You can be sure one of the cities slated for a strike in the United States will be Washington, D.C. with its seat of government and memorials to the great leaders of the past.

To some this may sound extreme, but it is essentially the same strategy employed during the Cold War. The policy, called MAD, successfully kept the Soviet Union and the United States from launching an attack. MAD (mutually assured destruction) was a reality and both nations knew it. If one launched an attack the other would launch an attack of such a magnitude that it assured the mutual destruction of both nations. Islamists, who have no respect for innocent life, need to know such an attack on the soil of this nation will result in the destruction of their economic, social, governmental, and religious structures.

No one in their right mind wants war especially a war of this magnitude. You may wonder about the ethical problems such a proposal suggests. Keep in mind that Paul says it is the responsibility of the government to protect the good and punish the evil doer (Romans 13). Deterrence is sometimes the only way to accomplish the former while promising the latter. As long as our leaders believe the whole "religion of peace" propaganda we are in desperate danger. Islamists will not be satisfied until, in their own words, the star and crescent flies over every world capital and sharia rules in every land.

Christians and churches must also take seriously the challenge of evangelizing the Muslim world. As Muslim nations line up behind Islamist radicals such efforts will become increasingly difficult, but it needs to be done.