Thursday, March 06, 2008

There’s Something About a Feeling!

Well, now! Hillary has felt the presence of the Holy Spirit "on many occasions in my years on this earth." According to an interview by David Brody, the former first lady professes to believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." That's great! So does Satan! Not that I'm personally linking Hillary to Satan, of course, but there is a lot more proof to the pudding.

When asked if she believed that faith in Christ was necessary to going to heaven, she replied, "That one I'm a little more open to. I think that it is, as we understand our relationship to God as Christians, it is how we see our way forward, and it is the way. But, ever since I was a little girl, I've asked every Sunday school teacher I've ever had, I asked every theologian I've ever talked with, whether that meant that there was no salvation, there was no heaven for people who did not accept Christ. And, you're well aware that there are a lot of answers to that. There are people who are totally rooted in the fact that, no, that's why there are missionaries, that's why you have to try to convert. And, then there are a lot of other people who are deeply faithful and deeply Christ-centered who say, that's how we understand it and who are we to read God's mind about such a weighty decision as that." Hillary, you don't have to read God's mind, just read God's Word! Of course, to do that you are reading the results of what God has communicated! Perhaps Hillary needs to go back to Jesus. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes to the Father but by me." That's not some Sunday School teacher or theologian; that's Jesus!

As to feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit, I have to ask, "Hillary, how do you know it was the Holy Spirit?" Was it just a feeling or did he communicate some objective truth to you? Did you feel the Holy Spirit's leading when you voted to support the president's Iraq policy or do you feel it now that you are running for president and oppose his policy? I don't think the Holy Spirit, who is God, vacillates that much! Did you feel the Holy Spirit's leading when you openly supported the prochoice agenda that has resulted in the abortion of 40 million human babies since 1973? I doubt it!

The problem with feeling the Holy Spirit has been with us since the Montanist heresy of the second century. Every believer (I'll take them at their word) who heads off in some wild-eyed direction supports their heresy, stupidity, or just plain folly with an appeal to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our Disciples brethren said the Holy Spirit led them to Restructure in the 1960s, a step now admitted foolish. The leaders of Midwest Christian College back in the 1970s professed the Holy Spirit was leading them to purchase a Catholic hospital for a new campus. MCC is dead and buried. That sure makes the Holy Spirit look stupid, doesn't it! Without some objective foundation the profession of the Holy Spirit's leadership comes up way short!

So how can we know whether or not the Holy Spirit is leading? It certainly isn't labeling humanity's hair-brained schemes as such before the fact. It isn't pointing to a copy of the New Testament and saying, "That's all the Holy Spirit you'll ever need!" It isn't relying on our emotional response to felt needs. Then how can we know?

Just stick to the Word of Truth, the Scripture, and obey God's Word. If you want to be pragmatic in an approach to problem solving let it be known you are applying pragmatic solutions; don't lay them off on the Holy Spirit to sound super-spiritual. The Holy Spirit does "lead into all truth," but that promise is ours only in a secondary way! Jesus made that promise to his disciples. They were led into all truth and they recorded it for us so we'd know which way to turn when it was an issue relating to God's sovereignty. Where God has not spoken he leaves the matter to us to figure out a solution that honors him and remains faithful to the revealed Word.

We are experiencing so much post-modern pablum these days that it's really hard to keep our heads on straight. I guess there's something to that old popular song, "There's something about a feeling…."