Monday, May 14, 2007

Just some general thoughts

We've been in our beautiful new home in Palm Springs, CA, for nearly two months now. It is time for just a few personal observations.

First, it has been an interesting transition. In some ways it is a venture in faith. We moved before our home in Sun City sold. It still hasn't sold. Existing homes in many locations around the country are moving very slowly in a soft market. Everyone wants a bargain! We're still debating on whether we'll try renting and keep it a while as an investment property or continue to try and sell it. We're learning to trust and we're re-learning patience. We may take the house off the market for a time and relist it later. We're just not sure.

Second, God continues to provide. The relocation and issue with the house is just one part of the whole. We relocated to southern California not knowing what kind of income we'd have or exactly how we'd get along. Our son is investing heavily in our home so that is a big help. In fact, we couldn't do it if he weren't doing this. At the same time, doors keep opening. I'm continuing my online teaching with the Consortium. I was hired by one of our Christian Colleges to develop and teach two online courses and I'm waiting to hear from a second school about teaching three online courses for them. In addition, I was recently added to the Mentor Panel for the Londen Institute. My wife signed on with AccounTemps here at was recently assigned to a job in a nearby community at very good wages. While the job is only temporary, it helps immensely.

On another note, I was trying to find out how to get permissions to use clips from the video "Wrestling With God," the story of Alexander Campbell, and my efforts connected me to Jerry Jackson who owns the rights. He is wanting to see the video utilized in education but I'm really the first to ask about using it in eLearning courses with substantial clips. He recently phoned me and we have agreed to brainstorm ways the video could be used. He is already arranging through Warner Brothers to have the video converted to a DVD format. That in itself will make it easier to select and format clips.

Third, the change in circumstances has given me more time for communicating with my students, preparing material for use online, and writing. It still isn't what I hope it will be (I'm still trying to organize our garage), but we are beginning to develop a routine and every step in that direction means life gets simpler.

Fourth, we really are enjoying the opportunity to be near our grandchildren. We get to see our grandson play little league baseball. We get to see our grand daughter grow and develop (she's just 2). Our two other grandchildren who live in the St. Louis area spend designated times with their dad and, for the first time, we get to see them when they come.

Neither of us know how the future is going to work out. But we know the One in whom "all things work together for good."