Monday, February 22, 2016

Something Smelts Fishy

According to headlines, California may be choosing to spend $4.5 billion dollars to protect a small fish which may already be extinct. What?

California is not the first to spend gobs of money to protect animal life. After all, the Progressives argue "all life matters." Oops! That's not right. Only "black lives matter" as one early Democratic presidential candidate discovered not long ago! Nonetheless, Federal and State agencies go out of the way to protect crickets, owls, and delta smelt but don't life a finger to protect more than a million human lives a year from the murder called abortion. Something is just plain rotten in California!

Progressives believe human life is no more important than the lives of our furry four-footed friends or slimy scaled fishes. That old theory--evolution--provides the rationale. After all, we're gold, we all evolved from a slimy gob of goo in the primordial oceans. The science of DNA hardly provides support for this ridiculous view but, hey, in stupidity the majority wins. No matter that every year more and more scientists in every field abandon evolution as an untenable theory. No, they're not becoming wholesale Christians. Now they opt for pan spermia--the theory that life originated here from life elsewhere in the university. Probably came on one of those rocks from Mars we hear about. Okay, I liked "Stargate," too. It presented the idea that human life spread throughout the universe traveling through these marvelous gates. Good fiction; horrible science!

I don't care what the unbeliever says, they accept their beliefs on faith. Their faith says God does not exist or is irrelevant. They have less reason for their beliefs than I do for accepting the biblical record as true. (Anyone who doubts that simply doesn't know the amount of verification archaeology provides.)

Let's get something straight! Knowledge is what you know from personal experience. Faith is what you know or believe based on the experiences of others. Opinion is what you believe when there is no testimony or personal experience to support the belief. Therefore, I believe the Bible is true based on the testimony of contemporary archaeologists whose work verifies the historical data found in the Bible. I believe the Bible is true because personal experience and faith persuades me to believe the data found in Scripture. What evidence is there for no God? Well, you just can't prove a negative!

Having said all that, I believe human life stands at the apex of life. I don't care if you choose not to believe, but the testimony is solid: it says God created human life in his image. A little bit of study and thought lets you know God is a Spirit. Human beings, created in God's image, are comprised of body (created from the dust of the earth) and spirit. It is man's spiritual nature that lifts him above the rest of the flora and fauna on the planet.

My dog may love me and express feelings (you should have seen two of my dogs mourn at the death of another). Dolphins may communicate with squeaks and squeals. Orangutans may use simple tools. None of them have invented MRI machines, tractors, internal combustion engines, of wheels for that matter. No member of the animal kingdom built hospitals, established renowned universities, or built championship NFL teams like the Denver Broncos (had to get that in).

It makes little sense to be so concerned for a small fishy fish when it may already have passed from life. Why spend $4.5 million dollars to protect a fish when it could be used to enhance human life. Hmmm all you progressives who gripe about spending money for "senseless" wars or "unnecessary" pipelines! Sparing that stupid fish won't enhance human life one bit. It won't make you progressives one bit smarter, better off, or healthier to do so.

I know some of you will have quit reading this a long time ago, but I have to say this: I believe in protecting the planet. I want clean water and air, too. My Bible says God told the primeval pair to "dress and keep" the garden and to have "dominion over the earth;" he didn't tell them to rape and pillage the earth. So we ought to exercise common-sense solutions and practice good conservation and ecological practices. All i want is for our leaders to exercise a little pragmatic common sense instead of spending money they don't have to protect what may not need protecting.

And, oh by the way, if evolution is so true, why haven't you kept its major dictum--survival of the fittest? If that little fish can't survive, then maybe, if you really believe in the survival of the fittest, it shouldn't survive!