Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Remarkable Weekend

I've always been an only child. Born during World War II to an unwed mother I escaped the stigma of illegitimacy with the help of my maternal grandparents. For more than 69 years I never knew I had a family beyond an uncle, my mother, and numerous cousins. While they helped my mother in many ways I received guidance from many others over the years as well.

My mother told me I might have some half-siblings somewhere. I mentally shelved that into the far recesses of my mind and wrote it off. Think of my surprise when I received a message on my cousin Yvonne Kerby's Heritage site from a woman who said she knew my father! Not wanting to "open a can of worms" she suggested I contact her only if I wanted to follow the trail. I did and an adventure began.

The adventure revealed the existence of three brothers and three sisters "out there." Within a brief period contact had been made. I talked with two of the sisters and emailed all of them. My own family thought I needed to meet them so they gave me cash for my birthday, Father's Day, and my wedding anniversary with the stipulation that I meet them.

This past Labor Day Weekend we all gathered at one of my sisters home near Tampa, FL. I got there first and as the others arrived there was an instant connection. We spent the time exploring each others' lives. Our similarities were sometime unnerving; our differences not surprising. Our life experiences contributed heavily to the differences. We are still debating nature vs. nurture! It was indeed an adventure and one I am so thankful I experienced.

The fullness of the events will unfold with the future. In many ways the adventure continues!