Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back Again

After months in the doldrums I've decided to pick up this blog again. I shut it down for a while but Blogger maintains it anyway. My reasons for shutting it down and starting it up again are enumerated below.
  1. I am writing a monthly column for the "Restoration Herald." The RH is an organ of the Christian Restoration Association and published monthly in Cincinnati, OH. This column gives me ample opportunity to present my observations drawn from the contemporary church culture and Church history. I didn't think I needed another writing spot to siphon off my attention.
  2. I had open heart surgery this past July enabling doctors to transplant a bovine valve in place of my aortic valve. Bacteria took up residence on my original valve and chewed through it creating heart failure. The surgery put me down for nearly two months and I'm still regaining strength in recovery.
  3. I decided to start up again because there are observations I'd like to make from time to time that don't fit well into my column in the RH. My daughter says I'm negative ... and I suppose I am from time to time ... but my reactions are more than just being cranky. I still think someone needs to point to danger signs and act as a "watchman on the wall."

So spread the word, I'm online again through this blog.