Friday, August 08, 2014

Freedoms Lost--First Amendment Under Attack

Sleepy disengaged Americans are watching the erosion of their freedoms without knowing it.

Witness: Business owners no longer have the freedom to operate their business as they choose. Take the couple in Colorado who refused to sell their products to whomever they choose. Religious convictions aside, it seems to me owners should be able to operate their businesses as they choose. Were there not other bakeries willing to serve homosexuals? It seems to me the only people hurt by a refusal to serve a particular person or group is the business owner.

No one likes prejudice or those who are terribly biased but shouldn't people have the freedom to believe what they like. There's a world of difference between refusing to bake cakes for a homosexual wedding and beating a gay man or woman. I'm not advocating violence or the propriety of a prejudiced person to attack and do  violence to someone for whom they hold a prejudice. After all, everyone is prejudiced in one way or another.

Witness the current IRS attack against the church. Biblical teaching on marriage, they say, is equivalent to electioneering. Teaching biblical truth about marriage, sexual morality, destruction of the unborn and so on is tantamount to opposing the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision. Who says so? Liberals, Social Progressives, and atheist groups...that's who.

Witness current restrictions in Canada prohibiting preaching biblical truth about homosexuality. Preachers explaining Romans 1 can be charged with "hate speech" in Canada. Churches refusing to limit their speech could lose their tax exempt status, ministers charged with slander and the church labelled a hate organization.

Granted there are ministers challenging the IRS and the Federal Government for its evasion of the First Amendments. As long as we continue electing government leaders who reflect Secular Progressive ideas will continue to erode our freedoms in the name of Political Correctness. Once labels get attached they are more easily attakk