Wednesday, August 07, 2013

On Responding to Anonymous

Over the past few years "Anonymous" replied to several posts. I will write this once and only once. I do not take seriously nor reply to anonymous responses. Either have the courage of your convictions to say your piece or remain silent. My writing is always identified as mine. By doing so you readers can evaluate and analyze what I write. It is impossible to do with "anonymous." Should you wish to challenge my views or my thinking, that's fine! I don't mind that but I can't and won't respect anyone who is so afraid of being identified with their views. It tells me they have something to hide.

I have the same policy with letters or notes I received as a minister or teacher. All too many times anonymous or the anonymous they are used to pressure. The anonymous hides a weakness of position or argument.

If you wish to reply or challenge my material feel free to do so but include your name and email. If you wish to remain anonymous on any published response say so and I will honor your request. I can choose to publish or not publish responses. So have at it!

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