Friday, December 22, 2006

Q & A

I designed and published First Christian Church's (Canton) first web site over the protests of those on the Publicity Committee. Bless his heart, my good friend Bernie Clements just didn't see much value in such a thing. Bernie went home to the Lord a couple of years ago, but the web site has undergone several iterations since then. Each time the site became more professional and more effective.

As the site developed, one of the pages we put up was an "Ask Mike" page. Mark Martens wrote a page permitting surfers to ask questions. Each of those questions came to me and I wrote an answer. After I left Canton the questions remained on line for a while then were taken down and the files came to me. Several friends over the past couple of years said I should put them back online. You can now see them at, my personal web site. Most of the questions remain unedited so you will see First Christian Church's name occasionally. In time I'll edit those and make them more generic. Once I learn how to do it, I will prepare a response page permitting new questions. Until then, you may email questions to me at

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